Our little Family !

Our little Family !

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We have a 1 Year old!

Roxy turned 1 yesterday (Dec. 14th) I can't believe how fast time goes.. It feels like just yesterday when we had her. We absolutely love being parents, especially to such a beautiful happy little girl. Roxy really is our everything, she has definitely changed our lives, for the better of course! She truly is a blessing and we thank our Heavenly Father everyday for giving us our Miracle!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our little Miracle

On Friday Dec.11 2009 I had a doctors apt. scheduled to see how things were moving along with me and the baby, I was 34 weeks along. We woke up that morning to our surprise our pipes had frozen, and I really wanted to take a shower before my apt. I told Steve to call my doctors' office and re-schedule, cause I wasn't feeling the greatest either, but Steve insisted that we go, so we got up got dressed and headed to the doctors. The nurse took my weight, tested for protein and took my blood pressure, and then she took my blood pressure again, and with a concered look on her face took it a 3rd time. I asked her if something was wrong, she had told me, I had gained 15 lbs. in the last 2 days (and I know that cause I was at the hospital 2 days prior being evaluated due to some concerns.) and also my blood pressure was through the roof, and my face,hands, legs, and feet were extremly swollen, which I thought was normal. She had me go into a room to wait for the doctor , but she insisted I lay down on my left side, which they never had me lay down until it was time to look at the baby, so while we were wating for the doctor Steve & I started to get nervous, we knew something was wrong. The doctor came in listened to the baby's heart beat (love that sound!) measured me and than he said due to my blood pressure the amount of weight I gained in 2 days, and I had protein in my urin, and the swelling in my face & hands meant that I developed preclampsya (or best known as toxima) I started to cry and asked what did I do to cause this, and he reassured I didn't do anything wrong, it was just my body's way of saying it has had enough. So he told me to go straigt to the hospital to be evaluated there, and they were either going to put me on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy or have to take the baby, preclampsya isn't dangerous to the baby, but it was for me, and I was already at the critical point. So we left the doctors office and I couldn't stop crying I knew it was too early to have the baby, so I made Steve take me home first I grabbed my hospital bag, Roxy's Diaper bag, and Steve put the car seat in the car, and off we went. We got to the hospital (they were expecting me) they had me get into a hospital gown, hooked me up to a bunch of moitors, and took my blood pressure again. After doing all of that my doctor (Dr. Roth) and the ER maternity OB decided that my preclampsya was at a sever stage that instead of putting me on bed rest, they were going to take the baby, they gave me a steriod shot and that's to help develop the baby lungs quicker so that they would be strong and ready for her to be born. I had to keep her in for 48 hrs. for that to be affective, this is where my doctor and the ER OB didn't agree they were fighting (literally) over what to do in front of me and Steve. I was a little nervous but they were able to get my blood pressure under control and they put me on some medication called magensium (worst stuff ever!!!) It makes you lethargic you literally can't move, I could barley hold my eyelids open to look and talk to people, but becuase of that stuff & my blood pressure under control I was able to keep Roxy in so that the steriods would take affect. So now we were just playing the waiting game, the scheduled a c-section on mon. Dec. 14 cause Roxy was sitting transverse (laying sideways) so I wasn't able to be enduced and have her that way, they said if any of my symptoms get worse within the mean time than they were just going to take her. We had a few scares but I would pull through so it was looking like Monday was going to be when we finally get to meet our little Roxy! Sunday was such a hard day, I was so ready to have her, the magnesium was making me really not feel well, and it was starting to affect Roxy, the wound up having to put me on Oxygen to help Roxy.And I was STARVING, I hadn't eaten since Thursday all I could have was liquids. One amazing nurse brought me popcicles which helped. That night a NICU nurse came in and talked to Steve and I to prepare us about the things that could happen,they let us know Roxy would have to stay in the NICU and that she may come out not breathing, and lots of other scary things, I was terrified.Needless to say nobody got sleep that night, my mom wound up staying at the hospital too, we were all ready to meet Roxy. Monday morning couldn't have come soon enough I got up got ready, I even put on make up! The nurse came in and preped me for the surgery, the anestsiologis came in and talked to me about the spinal block he was going to give me, and asked if I would like any nausea medication, and of course I said yes! I'm not going to lie, I was so nervous about the surgery, and sooo anxious to meet Roxy. So the time had finally arrived they brought steve some clothes to put on to wear in the O.R., and I got a special hat to wear too! We were ready to go, well as ready as we could be. We got into the O.R. I remember it being a little cold (now I know it was me nerves) I startes shaking really bad so they put several blankets on me to help calm me down. They were nice and didn't strap my arms down as long as I promised not to move them, so Steve sat next to me by my head, and held my hand tight and kept talking to me (that really did help) I was so nervous and scared I didn't want to see anything so I clinched my eyes as tight as I could during the whole surgery. Steve didn't get to watch the intial incision,but he wound up watching the whole thing, I was proud of him, I'm glad he got to be apart of that, and also glad he didn't get sick so he could stay by my side the whole time. The surgery to get Roxy out went a lot quicker than I had expected ( they had her out in 10 min) I could hear doctors talking even music going, but I was listening for Roxy to cry, I didn't hear it (which felt like forever..) but as soon as they sucked her out I heard that beautiful little cry, they lifted her up to show me, I started to cry (I am now just thinking about it) and I couldn't stop saying how beautiful she is. Steve went over and snapped pictures, watched them clean her up, and weighed her. Our Beautiful little Roxy Anne Oaks and I mean little was born on (Monday) December 14th 2009 at 1:00 pm she weighed 4lbs 10oz and was 18inces long. Roxy only needed a little bit of oxygen, they buddled her up and gave her to Steve. Steve got to bring her by me and hold her up against my cheek ( cause I couldn't hold her yet) I just cried, she was so small and beautiful, and she had a ton of Dark hair! Steve got to hold her next to me for about 15 min, and then they had to take her to the NICU, they asked If I wanted Dad "Steve" to stay with me or to go with Roxy, I told him to go with Roxy I was still worried about her. It took them about 30 min. to put me back together, that seemed like it took FOREVER.. but things couldn't have gone better, Roxy and I were definitely in good hands, and we had our gardian angle watching over us, giving us that extra protection Thanks Dad!! Steve and I couldn't be more happier we got our little Miracle, she's such a little angel, she couldn't be more perfect! We are so lucky to get to be Roxy's parents!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's a...... GIRL!!!

When I was 20 weeks along I was scheduled to have an ultra sound done to check on the baby, and we can find out the sex of the baby if we want to, and of course we want to, we can't wait!! The whole time during the ultra sound Roxy wouldn't stop moving, it was so fun to watch, and right as they were going to tell us the sex, the amblical cord went between her legs, so the pushed on my stomace a little bit to get her to move, and sure enough, It's a GIRL!!! Steve & I couldn't be more happy, and were so excited to meet our little Roxy!!

Telling our familes about our Surprise

So we wanted to tell our families in a cute way that we our pregnant. So we bought all the grand-parents to be a pink bib (cause we always knew it was going to be a girl!) that said I love Grandma & Grandpa on it. We put it in a sack and went to each of their houses telling them we had something to talk to them about. So before we gave them the sack we told them we were both starting new jobs and that we will need their help, and we handed them the sack and told them it had some information in it about what our new jobs our going to be. Of corse as soon as they pulled out the bibs both my mom & Steve's mom started crying, and we asked so are you willing to help us in our new jobs to be parents? And of course they have all steped up to the plate, they all are such good grandparents to Roxy, she couldn't be more lucky, & spoiled!

Guess what... We're Pregnant !!!

Steve & I have been married almost 4 years, and we've been trying to get pregnant for the last 2 1/2 but do to some genetics from my mom, I was unable to get pregnant. So we started thinking about invitro & even adopting. On a beautiful day in May 2009, I took a pregnacy test & to our surprise it was positive!! We both cried, we couldn't believe our prayers were finally answered and we are getting our little miracle!! I wound up taking 6 tests just to make sure that I really was pregnant.


Steven & I meet eachother our Junior year in highschool we were both dating other people, but we all were friends, our senior year we both split up from the people we were dating and Steven and I became even better friends we'd talk on the phone & hang out, niether one us knew that we secretly liked eachother.Just a few weeks before we graduated we started dating and we have been insepratable ever since!, I guess you could say we are high school sweethearts! Steve purposed on Christmas eve 2003, and then almost 2 years later we got married on September 24, 2005 in the Salt Lake Temple! We've been through so mcuch together, good, bad, and ugly. I can honestly say Steve is my best friend & soul mate!